Thursday, 22 April 2010

In the mood

The writing mood has got a hold of me again :)

After watching loads of Fantasy and Sci-Fi DVDs for uncounted numbers of times, I really feel like writing again. I love writing and I never abandoned it in the last few months, only I have not worked on my "big" projects, only on small ones.
And I still love my stories too. I want to finish them. Especially Before and After and Ella.

What inspired this blog entry and the realisation that I need to write again, was that I stood in my kitchen and suddenly had a very vivid scene of Ella questioning people in my head. And with a bit of distance I now know what I want to do differently.

And I think what plays part in this too, is that I haven't read a book for quite some time. I tend to get influenced by a story/author and I feel that I have found back to myself (I thank my little projects and the people involved with them in a way)


Mike said...

My blog has cool ideas for stories.

Come visit.

Gavin said...

I'm curious, which titles did you watch?

azo said...

I'm not really into fictions but... Happy writing.