Monday, 18 August 2008

Before and After snippet

I thought I could post one of the less bad SFDs.

You might not fully understand what exactly is going on, but I thought it's understanable enough.

Here's the snip where Anna confronts her superiors with her findings. But from the Captain's POV.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Murder Mysteries

I have just gone through some short murder mysteries that are still filed on my old laptop.

And wow, I still love them. Thinking about it, I'm amazed by some of the ideas. And they really play great together.

I don't want to praise myself too much, but I think they are rather good.

Perhaps I should write more of them. Starring one coroner Quentin, that doesn't like those TV crime series too much (I love them btw) but makes good-natured fun of them.

Monday, 4 August 2008

How to Think Sideways - Week 2

I left out week 1 - for me, week 2 is where the fun starts.

So, we were supposed to draw a mind map with the following "categories":

I love...
I hate...
I need...
I fear...
I am drawn to...

I get shivers from...

I started this on Thursday (my HtTS week starts on Tuesdays) and quickly added a lot of words as they came to mind. I let the sheet lie on the carpet in the middle of my living-room and every time I passed it (which was quite often), I took a look. Every now and then I stopped reading all the words.

And up until now I have added three words. If it's good or bad that I almost instantly got them all - I don't know.

What I noticed is, that a lot of my words relate to each other or belong to two or more "categories."
And that I really got no surprises.

Week 3 starts tomorrow, and I promised myself to sit down tonight and look at the mind map again. And come up with my more hidden and twisted answers. 'Cause I know they are there, but just afraid to appear on paper. But no one is ever going to see this, so what the heck...