Thursday, 27 March 2008


In case you haven’t noticed *g* I’m undergoing my regular Lord-of-the-Rings-addiction-phase (happens once or twice a year)

I’m watching the movies forwards and backwards, the Specials, cast audio commentary, funny and/or interesting Youtube videos, I’m tracking down the BBC radio play (had it as mp3 once, but lost it when we moved), am reading fanfiction (ya ya, I know)… You get the idea.

Yesterday I discovered the homepage of the band Beecake, and if you are a LotR fan or interested in the books/movies, one of the member’s name will sound familiar to you: Billy Boyd (aka Peregrin “Pippin” Took)

OK, Billy is the reason I discovered the band in the first place, but I listened to the songs on their MySpace site and d@mn do they make good music. It’s the kind of music I listen to a lot, although I don’t usually listen to any of the bands they state to have influenced them :) (with the huge exception of The Beatles)

Oh, and yes *whispering* I bought the CD :)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Lord of the Rings e-mail

As an explanation: at the moment we get one or more e-mails every few days, addressed to "all" at my head quarters, stating that someone has found a ring or mobile or some such.

This is rather annoying and my Wikipedia Fun colleague wrote a few mails of her own (didn't send them *gg*)

You'll find the German original first and then my translation

-- an HV_Konzern_Alle --

Ring verloren, massives Gold, Inschrift in elbischen Buchstaben ("Ein Ring sie zu knechten")

Belohnung: 14 Tage Ferien incl. Verpflegung im Haus Beutelsend in Hobbingen (max. headroom: 1.20 m; Haustiere, Uruk-hais oder Orks nicht gestattet)

-- to HQ_All --

Ring lost, massive gold, inscription in elvish letters (“One ring to rule them all”)

Reward: a 14-days-holiday incl. meals in Bag End House in Hobbiton (max. headroom 4’3’’; pets, Uruk-hai or Orcs not allowed)

-- an HV_Konzern_Alle --

Ring verloren, massives Gold, Inschrift in elbischen Buchstaben ("Ein Ring sie zu knechten")

Belohnung: Ein Abendessen in Mordor, Abholung durch Ork-Eskorte inclusive, Audienz bei Sauron

-- to HQ_All --

Ring lost, massive gold, inscription in elvish letters (“Ash nazg durbatulûk”)

Reward: Dinner in Mordor, incl. pick up by Orc escort, audience with Sauron

-- galadriel@lothló an HV_Konzern_Alle --

Ring verloren, hört auf den Namen Nenya, Inschrift in elbischen Buchstaben ("Drei Ringe den Elbenkönigen hoch im Licht")

Belohnung: je nach Geschlecht und sexueller Ausrichtung des Finders eine Nacht mit Galadriel oder Celeborn

-- galadriel@lothló to HQ_ALL --

Ring lost, called Nenya, inscription in elvish letters (“Cyr neled an erain edhellen din menel”)

Reward: depending on gender and sexual orientation of the finder, one night with Galadriel or Celeborn

-- sméagol@totensü an --

Ring gefunden, massives Gold, Inschrift in elbischen Buchstaben ("Ein Ring sie zu knechten")
Wenn der Dunkler Herrscher meinen Schatz wiederhaben will, muß er mir auf Lebenszeit täglich zehn Kilo frischen rohen Fisch liefern lassen.
Genaueres können wir bei einem kleinen Fischchen an der Entfurt bequatschen. Komm allein!

-- smé to --

>>Ring lost, massive gold, inscription in elvish letters (“Ash nazg durbatulûk”)<<
If the Dark Lord wantses to have back my precioussss, he has to deliver 20 poundses of fressssh raw fishies to me every day.
Detailses can be negosssiated over a wee fishy at the Entwade. Come alone!

Progress, kinda

I cannot seem to get ANYTHING (Ella related) down at the moment, so I decided that I'll go back to the fanfiction* I started a few years back, 2003 to be exact. It has always been there in the back of my mind, every now and then coming forwards and demanding attention, but I've always pushed it back.

I hope this will the the catalyst to get my own story moving, once it's finished.
Should be about 20,000 words, and for an exeption I know exactly what happens and when (this is a spin off of a series a friend and me wrote in 2002. I'd give you the link, but it's in German).

*Please, I know what a lot of people think about fanfiction, so I don't need to hear it. No offence to those who dislike fanfiction, but I'm only doing it for the fun of it and nothing more.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter and wonderful holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Open Office

Does anyone have any experiance with Open Office?

My 60 days trial for Office 2007 expired end of February and I need to purchase the full version. But Microsoft is expensive.

From what I've read online so far, Open Office is a very good alternative. And it's FREE.
But I'd rather have some info on it from somone I know, than from an anonymus online source.

So, anyone?

Back from the dead


I have only been online occasionally over the last... what was it, three or four weeks.
I know I own people comments on their firsts (and their comments on mine) and Carol, I'll come back to Scrabulous soon, I promise.

So, what has kept me away? Me, myself (or is it I, myslef?)

Every now and then I have this phase where I cannot stand to go online, watch TV and/or read (the reading listlessness is especially hard, as I have a wonderful book on hand). Or do anything else for that matter.

Maybe this is a winter depression or spring tiredness, I don't know...

And last week I've been in Dublin (which has been great by the way) and this week and next I'm filling in for my boss and my colleague while they are on holiday (and we are only the three people in my department). You can imagine the workload.

Aaand, I don't have a working office version right now (see my post later on) so I'm kind of handicapped in that area.

But I resolve to start writing and being social after the Easter holidays again.