Sunday, 2 November 2008


I wanted to rework the crash scene this week, because it somehow didn't feel right to me.

I felt it needed more "action", things exploding, panic etc. This is a crash scene after all.

But now that I have read it several times and worked in a few adjustments, I don't feel the need for action anymore. This scene has been kind of quiet, Salkin is listening to what happens on the space ship, without being able to help Anna. Sure, he hears what is going on in the background, but being so far away and hearing Anna staying calm so far, gives him time to contemplate what he'd feel and do, were the roles reversed. And I think it should stay quiet.
He is in a kind of shock, not able to believe that this is really happening, that his superior sacrifices his best friend and colleagues.

Right now I feel this is the way to go. But maybe others will think differently. Maybe I'll post the scene over at Mission: Accountability and see what the others have to say...

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