Monday, 16 February 2009


One thing is constantly tearing at my mind at the moment. The question 'What enemy do werewolves have?'

Vampire comes to mind immediately (yes, I read Twilight too ;) ) but that is a bit cliché. Is there nothing else? Some kind of demon or something?
I’m not so well versed in demon lore ;) so I don’t know which one would make a good werewolf opponent..
Of course, one can always invent an enemy/demon…

So, any suggestions anyone?


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Nina,

Very good question. Actually, I didn't know they had an enemy until the movies popularized the theory.

Hmm, this is my thought. Why not go to the source of werewolves? From what I have observed (through movies), their 'circumstance' is not a natural occurance. Trace it back to how they became werewolves. This would make me think of a being that would hate the original so much, they would curse them. Perhaps a witch.

What do you think?

NBB said...

Sounds good. The werewolves I have in mind are born with their "condition" (fully developing only at a certain age), but that doesn't mean that what you said couldn't be true.
Actually someone/-thing might have made the first werewolf e.g. by accident then noticed how dangerous they are. Story evolves. Or the opponent of said someone goes against him/them.

Oh the possibilities... :)

Thanks Carol!

Jennifer Hendren said...


Each other. :) Very territorial lot.


NBB said...

Hm... Hm.

I just think I need something more... dunno.
Like a werewolf that has just come to his inheritance sudddenly can /see/ what the other person is. Although... the werewolves I have in mind do not change physically much, so not knowing the other is one as well, might only see it then... Hm. :)

Cindy said...

Disease? Maybe the premonition is about a problem with their food source? I don't know - antibiotics or synthetic hormones or geneteic engineering?