Sunday, 27 December 2009

New cats

I'm a cat mama again :) While I don't paticularly like that expression (I'm not their mama), they are babies still, both 3 months old.

They are from a litter of cats that all look almost the same and my sister (who took the other two sisters) and me had a bit of a hard time to sort out who was who when I finally took mine home yesterday. :)
We know how to tell them apart, but if you don't see all four at the same time... :)

Both give me a "hard time" because I don't have enough hands and arms to cuddle both at the same time as much as they want to. :D




Laura Leigh said...

Welcome to kitten-dom.

Your Christmas tree will be molested from this day forward! No more glass ornaments, ceramic ornaments, tinsel or Easter grass. Hide your hair bands, pour large rocks in your houseplant pots, grow grass for nibbling, and for goodness sake, don’t wiggle your toes while you sleep.

When I return to Texas Monday I’ll forward to you the cat house rules, just so you don’t misunderstand your servitude to your new feline masters.



Deniz Bevan said...

So cute! I wish I was closer and could come over to play with them! How did you choose their names?

NBB said...

Laura: Up until now, the cats didn't have a go at anything they weren't supposed to. Not ven the unwrapped presents under the tree :)

Deniz: Aww :) I always loved the name Laoghaire (thankfully mine doesn't seem to be like Laoghaire McKenzie at all *g*) and when I suddenly was faced with having two kittens I just googled gaelic names ;)

Mahadeva said...

Laoghaire!! That one nearly killed me!
The are utterly adorable and super cute!!!!

Congrats on the kittens!
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