Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm back

In general: I'm back from Dresden, where the national meeting of the members of the Community of the Cross of Nails took place. (i went there for the first time)
We of course came from all over Germany and our speaial guest where from Cincinatti, USA (Jim Diamont) and Coventry,GB (Simon Monaghan).
I had a wonderful (if sometimes wearisome) three days. The city is beautiful, and I will definitively go back some time to see more. The people I met have been lovely and it's nice to make new connections all over the country.

On Friday we had to deal with all the administrative stuff. The secretary - that I've known for 5 years now - asked me to run for one of the 12 positions in the - what we call - "Leitungskreis" (people that decide substitiutionally for the whole national community). She wanted to have younger people in it, so I said yes. And was elected. Yai! :)
But then, the "Leitungskreis" had to decide on three of them that would make the Board, and after 5 minutes or so I was suddenly in it. So I'm now a member of the Board of the German CCN.

And on writing: Not much got done, but I will sit down today and on Wednesday to achieve my October goal.

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