Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Yes, I do get to read :)

Normally, when I buy books, I pay a bit attention to how thick they are. I love fat books, but they are rather unpractical when you want to read them on the bus or elsewhere, and realy pull you down when you have them in your bag. So I buy fat and slimmer books almost in the same quantity, so that I have the fat book for at home and the slimmer one when I'm on the road.

But at the moment when I get home I cannot part with the book I'm rading currently. That would be "Jack, Knave and Fool" by Bruce Alexander. But I really do not want to read it at home, so I have more of it when I'm on my way. I noticed that this the fifth book of a serial, and I will definitively buy the other four. The story takes place in London in 1771 and every time the first-person narrator walks along The Strand or St. James Street or through Covent Garden, I always think "May he have seen Lord John?"
It's crazy really. But I cannot help myself...

Oh, and the book I have bought to read at home is "Illumination" by Terry McGarry.

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