Monday, 21 July 2008


So, where do you find the names for your characters? Do you flip through books with baby names? Search the internet?

My characters usually name themselves. They know their names better than I do anyhow ;) Ella has always been Ella and Anna was immediately Anna Carr.
What I have trouble with afterwards is to rename characters that definitively need to be renamed. Abosaa couldn’t keep his name for obvious reasons (it’s an abbreviation for “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” a book by Diana Gabaldon). I like Edan well enough (as it means fire, and he is a dragon person) but he’ll always be Abosaa for me.
As Jo’s Annique will always be Anneka to me and many others.

What I do when I need a name that isn’t coming to me and when I don’t have time to think up one, is to just insert some random name. Captain Jim Knopf is named after this fellow (he’s the little black one – a string puppet). Lt. Commander John Doe’s name needs no explanation.

And for everyone wondering who the heck these people are: I’ll post some snips later on. :)

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