Monday, 7 July 2008

Review - The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

Three people meet by chance and try to solve a riddle and to not lose their life.

How's that for a one sentence synopsis? ;)

I must admit, I don't like writing reviews very much. But I want to try and learn, and that's why I will anyhow. Although this one will be brief.

The story was like the finale of the European World Cup. Analogy: the first five minutes where great, then there was nothing going on really, around the 60th minute there came another great 5 minutes but a disappointing finish followed.
I couldn't really relate to the characters, and I don't understand Ms Temple at all. Doctor Svenson and Cardinal Chang being the other people of the trio had their moments where you could get a gimpse at what keeps them going. But that woman was just ridiculous.

And maybe I'm just stupid, but I didn't understand the whole business with the glassbooks. I of course understood the righout explanations but beside that...

Rent or buy? Rent, if you're curious still.

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