Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Crappy day

I've had the crappiest day today.

First I woke up drenched in cold sweat and freezing. What the heck did I dream? I couldn't remember.

Work was not improving my mood, but well...

Then after work I tried to get some money from ATM and what did it say? "You card's broken". Thanks to my
Mom for paying my hair cut later on...
So I went out without money - only had a few coins left - and went to the supermarket to at least buy toast and cheese. And got some nice strawberries - for my sister and my soul.
It was raining lightly but the kind that still gets you wet in minutes. And I couldn't use my umbrella, because I had to carry my purchase. Until I got to my sister's I was drenched, had frozen fingers (the weather is very crappy too at the moment, very cold in the mornings, cold in the afternoon, windy and rainy) but was too warm in general because of my heavy coat and thick boots.

So when I finally got to my godfather's house for my haircut I was ready to quit it for the day, but as I mentioned my Mom paid the haircut and I got a nice cup of tea. Tea helps with everything and I was feeling much restored afterwards.

So now I'm getting this outta my system and ready for bed.

G'night te ye

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