Sunday, 12 August 2007

Samt und Säbel

Eve's book arrived on Friday. I was very exited. :) I could only open it on Saturday and have only read a few pages so far, as I have - as usual - several books in the read at the same time.

I accompanied my sister to a casting for a TV show today, and had to wait a lot while she was in answering questions and such. And stupid me had forgotten to bring any book. How I wished to be able to read
Samt und Säbel then....

So I decided to write some bits down of my own story and guess what? I forgot my pen and paper. Aaaargh!!
I had no choice but to stare out of the window and
think, but I fear due to a heavy headache I had the whole day, I forgot half of it again. So much for making any progress... *sigh*

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