Monday, 13 August 2007


You're probably wondering what this story of mine is all about.

Here's a summary (what I know about the WIP so far):

This is Fantasy and plays in a post-war world (“country” A has fought against “country” B; I’ll have to work on the reasons). There are many orphaned children, most of them living on the street, mostly in gangs that steal and plunder, and are generally being a nuisance.
After several years the government decides to put a stop to that and enacts a law, that allows it to put two single persons together with two children from the street; or a childless couple – married or not.
The first part starts when the MC Ella gets a letter telling her when and where to meet her ‘partner’.
Ella is in her late twenties - I think - has fought in the war, has been in the Resistance, has always been on her own (although she has almost been engaged to one of the other Resistance members, but we find that out only much later), and definitely doesn’t want a family. Ruwen, her partner, is the same age, has had nothing to do with the war (for reasons he has yet to tell me) but knows the politics. They are assigned to Leandra, a 14 year old girl and Jesper, a 5 year old boy. In the course of things they take on Levin, 16, as well, because they find out that he’s Jesper’s brother.
They try to live together, but especially for Ella that’s very hard, because she’s not willing to make room for other persons in her life.
It becomes obvious – at least to Ella – that if things continue to develop as they do, there will be another war soon. Before she can decide what to do - because by now she does consider her family members, not to forget that she has fallen for Ruwen - Levin leaves to join the new Resistance and that makes up her mind for her to go as well. Ruwen is very angry about that, and Ella leaves with the knowledge that she will probably never see her children again.
Ella visits one of the ‘old’ Resistance members, but he is not willing to risk his family and his life just for Ella’s assumption, because he’s not certain that there will be a war again. After he tells Ella that her almost-fiancé is dead, she leaves and joins the New Resistance.

In the second part Ella does not find Levin, because he’s with another group, but she meets many new people, e.g. the brother, Adrien, of one of the members of the old resistance, that Ella knew well. The group decides that since the other “country” has found an ally in a third “country” they will defeat them from within with the help of the dragons that live on the border between “country” B and C.
On their way, Adrien is kidnapped and tortured to tell their plans, and in the curse of things he’s suddenly married to “country” B leader’s daughter. She flees with him and they rejoin the group. Of course everyone is wary of the wife, but Taisha earns their trust with background knowledge.
They meet one of the dragon’s keepers then, but before they can convince him to help them and persuade the dragons, this keeper is killed. (He’s called Abosaa right now, red-haired and the dragons love snow so he’s always surrounded by its smell. Is there a bell ringing? Well, I need to find him another name, but Diana’s book came to mind when I thought about him…).
Adrien has some problems with Taisha along the way, because he isn’t used to her yet and she’s used to people obeying her and is a headstrong person.
Their last option is one Ella doesn’t want to think about, because the person that could help them is the reason that she has abandoned and then lost her family (the first one; mother, father, siblings) and then joined the Resistance. But Adrien knows about it and “betrays” her by telling the others. Ella then agrees to take them to this person, and he is willing to help.

You’ll have noticed that there’s no end yet. The Resistance uses this mysterious person’s help (he sends a special army) but other than that… I don’t know. Will they be victorious? Will Ella find Levin? See her family again? What about Adrien and Taisha?
I do not know. I guess I’ll find out…

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