Thursday, 8 November 2007

Kept scene with a new life

Ain’t it strange?

Some time ago, I posted a snippet for one of the exercises in the Forum (cannot remember which month). Jo had some very good and helpful comments on it, and I reworked part of it, but didn’t know where it would fit in the story then.
And, while I was writing more and more, I became convinced, that I could not use this scene at all, but was loath to delete it and just moved it to another folder (“You never know,” I thought).

And you really never now. While I was tipping away last night, I was thinking about how the scene could develop, what could happen. And I remembered the scene. Pulled it out, read it, amended it slightly aaaand… it fit perfectly. At least until I do revisions *g*
But for the moment the situation is just what I needed in that scene in that place.

Perhaps I will post the scene later or tomorrow.

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