Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The date for the marathon: Starting Tuesday, May 27th and running through Saturday, May 31st

And I herewith state my goals for that 5 days:

- make "book scenes" out of the "script scenes" (see my previous post)
- post them
- read the other entries and comment

And since this week is my free week and (besides some minor things I have to do) I want to use it for writing, my goals for this week:

- write more "script scenes"
- note down the already known happenings and bring them to a kind-of timeframe (my, could this be like an *gasp* outline? We all know how well that works for me *g*)
- participate in Precie's May Book Contest
- spend a wonderful Friday with my best friend (plans so far include breakfast, gym, a DVD)

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