Saturday, 17 May 2008

On the wagon again

Jen suggested another 5-day marathon, for all of us who have been off the writing wagon for some time. As I have been.

So when we have decided on a date I'll try my best to participate and get going again.

Preliminary writing some notes down I noticed something.
Lately I've been seeing scenes rather clearly in my head. But every time I tried to write it down, it didn't sound right. So I didn't. And consequently didn't write at all.

What I did today, was the following: I wrote the scenes down in script-style. Like I was writing the script of a movie. Notes of the general setting, how the people involved in that scene are set/what they are feeling and so on, the second before the scene starts. Then the dialogue without tags. And notes in between.

And you know what? It sudenly worked. Now I can go from there and get it into book-style :)

An example? Here you are.

From "Before and After" - WIP [a new Sci-Fi story I just started]

Background: you see their spacecraft. Crewmen are working on it, exchange parts, clean them.
One of them has taken off the upper part of the overall.
Anna has one component in her hand, turning it over and over in her hands. She is standing with her back to the others, her hair open, to hide her face.
Her colleagues are wisecracking (not making fun of her), they obtain a relaxed atmosphere.
Anna puts the component down, takes a deep breath and turns around.

"I want to be part of it."
Colleague A, that has been in the middle of a joke, pauses and looks at her, nonchalantly leaning against a crate.
Colleague B, that she gets a long with rather well, takes a few steps towards her.
All gazes are on her by now.

"Why not? Grady is on Alpha Omega. I'm the best engeneer round here."
"And so very humble." Colleague A deadpans and walks over to the spacecraft.
Anna looks at Colleague B.

"This discovery is a sensation and I want to be there when they take the thing apart. Perhaps we'll make history."
Her eyes sparkle ambitiously.
"You have to prove yourself. Present something to them, so they cannot deny you."
"I will." She sounds very confident.

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