Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I don't know if I can explain what happened, but here's a try:

A few nights ago, just on the brink of being asleep, I suddenly had a flash behind my eyes and I saw a scene - as clear as if I was watching a movie - and I saw one of the characters of my "new" story.

I was jerked wide awake and lay there for some time, focusing on that picture so it wouldn't get lost.
I had those flashes in the past, but always I had already overstepped the border to sleep. But thankfully not this time.

So, what did I see? A female, shoulder-lenght black curly hair, dressed in some kind of overall, fumbling with a tool (you could see her colleagues and some kind of space-ship behind her). Then she obviously made up her mind because she took a deep breath, laid the tool back down and turned around "I want to be part of it." she said and then the flash was over.

Rather scary but exciting :)

Here are some pics. Just picture the hair to be black.

And I fiddled with Meez a bit:

And this is what the overall looked like (this is Trip Tucker from the Enterprise series [the new old one, dated before Kirk and Co.])

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