Monday, 27 October 2008

M: A - Kickoff Snip Jen called it.

To give you some idea of Before and After, here is a short snip.

Before and After (C) 2008

John handed him a pad.

"I thought you might like to the see the results of the [some test]."

Pads of various sizes where strewn about the table, showing charts, test results, images of scans. Jim pushed them aside to make room for his own and studied the one John had given him.
Unknown metals, some alloys with known ones.

"Where were these used?"

"For the outer skin."

Jim looked at John, astonished. Only an idiot would use those metals for the pivotal part of a spacecraft. But then, whoever built this thing, had found out how to make them resistant to the great strain the outer skin had to endure, and created a lighter material than they could have ever hoped to use.

The door to the room opened and Nadiya slipped in.

"Sorry I'm late."

"The Admiral as well. Here, look at this." Jim tossed her the pad.

"That the results of the material test?"

He watched her reading. Saw her eyes widen more and more and knew that she was thinking the same as he had. She let herself fall into a chair.

"That's bloody impossible!"

"Commander, mind your language please." a voice from behind them admonished mildly.

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