Friday, 10 October 2008

Twilight Trailer


Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

I've already been sooo hooked by the books (the first one actually, I'll either have to wait for the other translations or get around to get them in English), and I cannot wait for the movie. Looks awesome.

PS: For a larger frame see here


Jennifer Hendren said...


I'm all giggly-fangirl again. I can't wait to see it, either! :)


Jennifer Hendren said...

p.s. Thanks for posting..I HAVE to put this on my blog. (g)

NBB said...

I've already watched the vid 5 times I think (probably more) *g*

I know giggly-fangirl feeling :)

Sarah said...

I looooove it!! Can't wait to see the movie :D

NBB said...

Aber ist es nicht ätzend, dass er bei uns erst im Januar rauskommt?
Solange kann ich nicht warten ;)