Friday, 12 December 2008

Fun with Ralf Schmitz

This is totally random and most people won't know what I'm talking about anyway, but I'll still post this :)

We had tickets for one of our German comedians (my absolute favourite) who visited my hometown last night.
And what can I say? I'll probably have aching muscles from laughing so hard the rest of the week :)

The thing with him (his name is Ralf Schmitz, BTW) is that he just has to appear on stage and I'm starting to laugh my head off (even while writing this and thinking about it, I have to grin *g*). He was in really excellent form last night.
They were doing a TV recording at the same time and maybe I'll be on there somewhere :)

After the show he was signing photos of him for those who waited and what can I say? He's even more slender (if he was a woman, you'd even say petite) than me and I think a few centimeters shorter. And cute ;) Not that I didn't know that before :)
I was too tired to think to ask my Mom to take a photo of him and me with my mobile, but oh well... Next time, better chance.

I had a wonderful evening and would and will go to see him anytime I get the chance again.

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