Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Complaint against God

You wouldn't believe what I just read:

Some politician in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, is trying to enforce an injunction against God, to stop floods and tornados that cause death, destruction, and terror for millions upon millions of people; and because God is the reason for terroristic threats.

I’m shaking my head here...

I’m wondering what Jen has to say about that, as a law student and Lincoln citizen.


Precie said...


I can't even begin.

Jen said...

Heh..sorry I didn't post this directly. I'm a little unsure whose blog this is. (g) Stumbled over here on a link from mine, but couldn't find the owner's name.

At any rate... what do I think? LOL. Well, Ernie Chambers is a bit of a rabble-rowser... and well, I can sort of see his point behind the lawsuit (i.e. to show that frivolous lawsuits are filed ALL the time), but it's more annoying to me than anything. The judicial system is already clogged with these kind of B.S. lawsuits, so I'm not sure why he had to point that fact out with one of his own.

I'm all for tongue-in-cheek protests, but he's just being a pain in the rear here.

Plus, I'm not sure I agree that the lawsuit he based this upon WAS a frivoulous lawsuit. I don't know all the facts, but apparently a rape victim sued a judge, claiming he violated her right to free speech by barring the words "rape" and "victim" from being spoken during her trial.

Honestly, I haven't heard much about this whole thing... so I think people are just sort of blowing it off and saying, "Well, that's Ernie Chambers for ya."


Jen said...

Oh wait... is this Nina's blog? (g)

NBB said...

Yes, it is :)

It's always interesting to see, what the locals have to say about their politicians. More often than not, the world at large is going "DID you hear THAT?" and the locals "Who cares?" :)