Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Okay, an update:

I wanted to write 1670 words in the 5 marathon days and actually got 2532 (and didn't even write on Sunday)

I'm quite pleased with that.

And today I will go over 20K. That's only a sixth of the overall wordcount, but still, that's the first milestone for me.

I finally see some progress and and that's pushing me on. And where I only saw black in the plot and story, there's now some light grey and hopefully it will be all white not too long from now.
While I type away I get new ideas, and I'm already looking forward to working on them.

On another note: Carol talked about going crazy with having another WIP in her mind. And I so can relate. I have 4 (four!!) other WIPs in my mind (two of which will belong to the same universe as "Ella"). But I'm afraid - as Carol said too - that if I work on them also, I will have five uncompleted stories some time in the future and will never be able to finish one of them. So I let them stew and see what will become of them, when I'm at least finished with the first draft of "Ella".


Precie said...

2.5k for the marathon is EXCELLENT! And 20k for your WIP is outstanding!

I feel your pain about multiple WIPs. I've got only 2 active right now. While they do divide my time, I think they're also incredibly good for my productivity. So far, at least, writer's block isn't a huge concern because if I get stuck in one WIP, I can just go work on the other. :)

Now the third WIP in my head...that one will just have to wait...I think. :)

NBB said...

Dear Precie,

thanks :)

I think any author that hasn't at least one additional WIP in the back of his or her mind is not normal ;)

If it is ever written is another case. I guess a lot of authors think about prequels or sequels to their books, but for some reason or another they never see the light of day. But that's OK. The important thing here is, that you don't feel like you are drained and will never be able to write another book after the first one.