Monday, 17 September 2007

Writing-free Weekend

It seems to me that the last weekend has been writing-free for quite a few people - including me.

Haven't written a word, not even thought about writing (Ok, that's not entirely true, I thought about writing, but I didn't know what and didn't have the time anyhow...)
So I'm about 800 words behind (and only 800 because I had been 500 words ahead).
That means I have to write more than 1100 words today, and I don't have the time. Again. But I will have to get something down, because I cannot imagine writing 1500 words tomorrow (no time again; what is it with appointments this week?)

Just wanted to get that out, so I won't think about it anymore and can concentrate on actual writing. Don't mind me.

(Life's what happens between the lines, and more often than not breaks them up.)

ETA: *phew* I just produced 1300 words. That leaves me with 137 for tomorrow. That's doable :)

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