Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Back from the dead


I have only been online occasionally over the last... what was it, three or four weeks.
I know I own people comments on their firsts (and their comments on mine) and Carol, I'll come back to Scrabulous soon, I promise.

So, what has kept me away? Me, myself (or is it I, myslef?)

Every now and then I have this phase where I cannot stand to go online, watch TV and/or read (the reading listlessness is especially hard, as I have a wonderful book on hand). Or do anything else for that matter.

Maybe this is a winter depression or spring tiredness, I don't know...

And last week I've been in Dublin (which has been great by the way) and this week and next I'm filling in for my boss and my colleague while they are on holiday (and we are only the three people in my department). You can imagine the workload.

Aaand, I don't have a working office version right now (see my post later on) so I'm kind of handicapped in that area.

But I resolve to start writing and being social after the Easter holidays again.

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