Thursday, 26 June 2008


Oh. Dear. Goodness!

Germany won 3:2 against Turkey last night. Yai!!!!!

You wouldn’t believe what went on on the streets. People where singing, dancing, partying on the street and clogging it with themselves and cars. We tried to drive home from where we had seen the match and it was nearly impossible. And sleep would not come for a long time because there was a hell of noise outside :) You’d think we had won the World Cup or something ;). So, I’m very tired right now. But we are in the finale, so who cares?

And I have to say, a lot of people were nervous about the outcome, fearing that the emotions would get the better of everyone - Germany:Turkey matches having a special significance. But everything was peaceful. Loud, but peaceful. The Turkish were actually partying with the Germans, because now that Turkey is out, we are one big German-Turkish-Nation again ;)

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