Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Marathon Day 5

I didn’t do the 5th day as well. But I knew that beforehand, so I’m not disappointed. On the contrary, I’m very, very satisfied with what I achieved in the other four days and I think this will be a good basis for the story.

No writing today, as I will be going to bed reeeally early to get up at 3am (maybe 3.30) to join Carol’s live chat (check out her blog for more info).
And it’s back to work at 6.30am, so I’ll need all the rest I can get J

We’ll see how tomorrow proceeds, but as far as I can see I’ll have at least one hour every day and a quiet weekend ahead, so I hope to get a good start into June. Hopefully with more sun, ‘cause I love to write in the sun (or rather in a shaded place, enjoying the warmth). Although the story is set in the rather cold outer space ;)

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