Friday, 29 February 2008

Wikipedia Fun

I talked to my colleague about the Wikipedia version for Lord of the Rings* and she could't resist writing:

One Wiki to rule them all, One Wiki to find them, The details you need and in your brain bind them.

And then we talked about the Harry Potter Wikipedia * and she asked me if I wanted lines for that as well. Of course!

Der Harry nimmt dem Voldemort
gern mal ein Stück Seele fort.
Am Ende ist dann Voldie tot,
und keiner hat mehr große Not.

Which I translated to:

Harry likes to take away
Voldie's soul, one piece a day.
Lastly Voldemort is dead,
took with him the deathly threat.

(If you know a bit of German, you'll notice that I changed it a bit to make it rhyme)

The above proves very well, that we're equally mad. :)

* The "normal" Wikipedia has a lot of info on the LotR and HP books and movies as well

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Sarah said...

_Daher_ hast du also die Infos. [g]Danke nochmal.