Monday, 7 January 2008

8-days marathon

Deniz started this, and Jenny joined in, so I am too, to keep myself motivated: an eight-days marathon

I admit my goals are not mostly writing related, but I need to get other things done as well ;)

Today - Monday: *put away Christmas decoration
*write 323 words (this is my daily goal for January)
*finish SL!!
Tuesday: *write 323 words
*look at recently organized chunks and put some to chapters
Wednesday: *write 323 words
*think of fillers for gaps (of Arc II)
Thursday: *gym
*write 323 words
Friday: *have meeting and dinner with children's service members
Saturday: *write 646 words
*think of chapter names
Sunday: *write 323 words
*think of/about names and fill in all the empty []-brackets
Monday: *to get some diversion, outline Arc I (I feel I am not able to get a handle on this otherwise)

Ok, they are mostly writing related :)

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