Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Heath Ledger is dead

Shortly after I woke up this morning the sad news was on the radio.

I was so shocked! I really liked him (saw him for the first time in "Roar" and loved him in "A Knight's Tale" and "Brokeback Mountain") and in my opinion he was facing a great future.

It's still to be seen, if it was an accident or not.

Rest in Peace, Heath

ETA: Now that I had time to think on it (it's so busy at work, I'm glad if I don't forget to go to lunch) I'm really sad. And then Claire goes and writes this post, in such simple words and those made me cry. I didn't know him other than from his movies, but thinking about his family seeing the media going crazy when all they will want is to grieve for a son and brother, thinking about his daughter that will ask where her daddy is... It gets to me. (I feel that it has been under the surface all day, so crying might be a relief)

He could have become one of the greatest... What a waste.

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Sarah said...

Ja ich denke auch dass er zu einem der Besten hätten werde können! Du hast Recht: Es ist Schade _und_ eine Verschwendung. Außerdem hatte er noch sein ganzes Leben vor sich.