Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I have tried to pick which scenes/blurbs go to which chapter.

And after I did this, I noticed, that that accounts only to roughly 27K of words *cry*
But I'm sure that I can use a lot of the other stuff (as gap fillers maybe). I just need more of the actual story to see what else goes where.


Jenny said...

If it's any encouragement, I didn't really divide up into chapters until I was almost done. I did the first 10 or so because I wrote them mainly linear, and then I just had lots and lots of chunks in relative order that it took until almost the end to see exactly where/how to divide. And then I went back and filled in places, usually 500-700 words or so per scene/chapter.

But hang on to *everything* you write - you can probably use it somewhere.

NBB said...

Oh, thanks! :)

I've never deleted anything, so no problem there. And I didn't *really* divide into chapters, just thought abouth the "main happenings" (although they'll probably end up as the chapters all the same) and looked through my scenes to see what could go where. And as I said I'm sure I can use some of the other stuff as well...