Friday, 4 January 2008

Spymaster's Lady

Woho! SL arrived yesterday!

I know I said I wouldn't stop reading until finished, but... I had been cleaning my flat and was planning on making dinner, when the book arrived. Such joy! (immediately had to call my mom, because we didn't know if it would arrive here or there - long story)
I read the first three chapters. And I really DIDN'T want to stop. But... I still hadn't made lunch and hadn't eaten all day (I'm never hungry when I have a cold; but I though I needed to eat at least a bit). So I got me something to eat and that strained me so much, I was dead tired and slept for two hours. Then I read for another hour and then I had to leave for the gym (new year's resolution and all that)
After that I was too tired again.

Today I've been up and about all day, so no reading. (I admit I squeezed some writing in - I had to decide...)

Tomorow I have to do some shopping and am at the gym again. BUT between and after that I will be reading.
So, tomorrow evening, expect my first ever (on this blog at least) review.

I should probably add another resolution: review more

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