Saturday, 12 January 2008

Marathon, Day 5

I'm just back from our dinner. It was so much fun, we forgot the time altogether, but I was lucky and cought a bus immediately, so I only got wet feet (it's raining heavily at the moment, and temperature is still up at 11°C; is it April or what?) instead of being soaked through.

And although I didn't plan to write, I did write. Only that it won't do anything for the word count immediately.

I'd been talking about my problems with the battle scene. I got some great advise by Jenny and will try out her suggestions as well (maybe for the current scene as well to see what methods work best for me).
Anyways, I remembered the stream-of-conciousness excercise on the Forum and looked that up. And while I was on my way to the dinner, I just wrote away. And I think I'm on to something. I will have to type my writing, then translate it and then write the scene, but I can do that tomorrow (or really this) morning.

So watch out for a laaaaate December 06 X :)

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