Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't

  1. Am living in Essen, NRW, Germany :)
  2. Am (I believe) the youngest ever board member of the Community of the Cross of Nails, Germany
  3. Cut my right knee open to the bone at age 12 when I fell on a sharp stone, 8 stitches
  4. Had one of the former prisoners of the prison on Robben Island, South Africa, show us around on the island and in the prison; had him tell of his meeting with Nelson Mandela in and out of prison; listened to his story and that he was sentenced to stay imprisoned till 2009
  5. Am taking pictures of beautiful sunsets out of my living-room window :)
  6. Taught all of my cousins to tie their shoes
  7. Am often compared with Harry Potter, especially when I have cut my hair short (besides that I’m female, *I* don’t think I look like him, but the others always go like “But you have dark hair, glasses and a scar on your forehead (half-moon shaped).” “But I cannot do magic!” (although I wish I could))
  8. Often forget German words and can only come up with the English ones
  9. Have a famous namesake, who runs marathons (something I’m working towards to, too)
  10. Bought a wonderful handbag in Toledo, Spain

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