Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Marathon, Day 2

I got 295 words instead of 323, and that means I'm still roughly 300 behind.

I had so much time for writing this evening and then other things wedged between me and my MS...

But I did order my chunks into chapters. My, do I have big gaps.

Aaand, my plans for tomorrow are mostly down the drain as my meeting with my Mom will be tomorrow instead of today. (just a friendly chat and so on, but, no writing then)
And I still haven't written the article for my community newsletter that's due on the 11th.

I've only slept 4-5 hours the last nights, can you imagine what that does to my brain? I know, Jenny and others had worse, but sadly I cannot operate thus.

ETA: I just wrote another 107 words.

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