Monday, 11 February 2008

First Paragraph

The first time it happened, Jesper was chasing butterflies. It could have only been a reflection or a current in the air, but by the way Ella’s heart had stopped, she knew something had been there. For a split second she had seen something take shape in the air beside her son.
“Jesper! We’re going home!”
“But Ella, it’s just-“
“Time to go home. Levin will be waiting for you.”
That teetered the little boy and he came bouncing over to her, grabbing her hand.
“Can we come back tomorrow? I really liked the butterflies. I gave them names, but they were flying around too quickly and I couldn’t see who was who. Do you think they’ll be here tomorrow again? We could play games together.”
Ella shook Jesper’s hand off, putting her own into the pocket of her cloak.
She looked sternly down at him. Why couldn’t he just shut up? Why did he have to be such… a little boy? Ella sighed annoyed. He probably couldn’t help himself, could he?
Jesper stopped his tedious babbling and instead sang to himself quietly, skipping along beside her.

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