Sunday, 17 February 2008


I must be soooo insane.

I've spent the last six (6!!) hours rewriting my first three paragraphs.

I have written 1000 new words, but lost about 2000 in the process. D@mn.

I worked some of Carol K.'s suggestions into my first paragraph, then wrote the second (where Ella and Jesper get home) that still needs mayor revision.

And now Ella is sitting on the floor of her room, contemplating what got her into this mess, when she should be thinking about the apparition (maybe she’s just good in repressing it). But the paragraph explains a bit more about the situation and who Ruwen is, and is important. And putting it later would keep too many questions open for too long. But the scene is too calm when actually Ella should be rattled and… I don’t know what to do *sigh*

Oh and BTW, it's 1:39am

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