Monday, 18 February 2008

Review: Tintenherz / Ink Heart

I finished reading Ink Heart yesterday.

As this is a series and as I already have all three boks at home, I will read the other two.

But really, the plot in itself is interesting/good. The carrying out is not.
Maybe I'm just over-critical at the moment because of the workshop, but some things bugged me a lot. For example: Mrs Funke switches POVs all the time, sometimes even in a sentence. That would be something I'd notice even without having learned lot of craft stuff over at the forum.
Sometimes the suspence is building but comes to nothing.

This is a huge bestseller and a lot of people are veeery excited about the book/the series, but honestly, I was bored most of the time...

I didn't find immediate access to The Lord of the Rings as well, but after about 100 pages (latest), the story sucked me in. Ink Heart has about 570 pages and I'm still waiting.


Sarah said...

Du liest "Tintentod"? Ich find's faszinierend dass Cornelia Funke so gut schreibt, dass auch erwachsene das toll finden.

Sollte mich auch einmal daran machen, die "Tinten"-Trilogie zu lesen.

NBB said...

Na ja, jetzt les ich erst mal Tintenblut.

Gott sei Dank sind die Geschmäcker verschieden. Wär sonst ja auch langweilig :)