Saturday, 2 February 2008

POV and Firsts Workshop

So, Jen is going to start a "firsts" workshop (read about it here).

I said I would be joining if I had a first anything to post sometime in the near future :)

So this morning, I was lying in bed (my mom celebrated her 50th birthday yesterday and I was in bed around 2:30am and awake again at 10am, so I deserved a lie in *g*) thinking about how I could start my story.

Not long ago I posted about an idea I had for a prologue:

At the age of 6 I could see air.
I was never able to again.
At the age of 9 I was taught to see Air Spirits.
I'm able to call them at will now.
At the age of 15 I was immersed in a war.
I made myself forget I was a sorceress.

What I've been thinking about was if I should really use this as/in a prologue or if I should rather include it in the first chapter and go without a prologue.
And then I noticed that while I'm writing Limited Third POV, this is First POV.
OK, there is the possibility of writing this in Third. But that doesn't sound right.
Second possibility is to write the whole story in First (after writing roughly 50K in Third *duh*). At the very beginning I tried to write Ella in First, but that didn't really work. I've been more comfortable using Third.

But is this a sign, now that I'm more comfortable with the characters and the story, I should try First POV again?

Maybe I will try all of these: Prologue + story in Third, First without prologue and Third without prologue.
And maybe I'll post all three versions here for you to vote on the best :) Perhaps I'll notice myself which one works best, but if it's First, then I'll have to sit down and reconsider the whole construction of the story.

In any way, work ahead.

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I love the start of this. Very nice. More! More!