Friday, 28 December 2007


Over the last half year a lot of names have progress from [fillword] to an actual name, since I roughly decided on what defines the two tribes.

Tribe A is technically developed, names are European-like, they live in a prosperous country. They live in a few big cities, so the rest of the land can be used agriculturally.
Tribe B is not so technically developed, the names are based on arabic names, the country is dry but they have developed a wheat that only grows there. They live in small settlings, mostly only one clan at one place.
(Woho, see, conflict! *g*)

I know all this, and cannot, for the life of me, give those tribes names. They are still A and B everywhere.
I have checked books with names, have searched google for names of arabic tribes and such, but nothing took my fancy. *sigh*
(The world has no name yet, either)

I'm rather fed up with this. Maybe I will spent this Friday with google again UNTIL I FIND NAMES...

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