Tuesday, 11 December 2007


I stayed home today due to a killer headache.

So, I was sitting on my couch, trying not to move too much, when suddenly there was loud noise outside. I went to my living room window, and guess what? Just today they are tearing down the old school that's round the corner, and which I have a perfect view on from my 3rd floor window.
OK, we were all waiting for this to happen, because the ruin the school was, was really unsightly, and as far as we now, there will be a new park on the property of the school.

But did they have to do this today? *sigh*

My only comfort is, that the level of noise is kept down by closed windows, so my head doesn't suffer too much...

ETA: Since I stayed home, I was hoping to get some writing done. But no such luck, my headache prevented that. But that's OK. Better getting well again than getting words down. But they are already in my head, so I just need to find some time :)


Carol A. Spradling said...

Hi Nina *whispering*

There's nothing worse than a headache. I hope you feel well soon.

Sarah said...

Hi Nina,
Hoffe es geht dir bald besser :)

NBB said...

Hey Carol,

thanks. The weather is cavorting - a usual cause for my headaches (thankfully these rarely grow to migraines).

But I'm much better now already. :)

NBB said...

Hi Sarah,

danke, es geht schon wieder.

Mir machen diese Wetterumschwünge immer wieder zu schaffen. Erst ist es ganz schön, dann regnet's Tage lang, heute war wieder schöneres Wetter...