Thursday, 27 December 2007


I'm back at work.

The only person in my family and circle of friends that has to work between Christmas and New Year.

And seemingly the only person in the whole building...
Of course, that's not true, but there are and will be very few people in today and tomorrow and it's very quiet round here. My boss is in for half a day although he is on holiday still, but from 10 people in my department, only 2 are here.

I should be glad about a bit of quiet time, to write. But when I came in today I had 190 unread e-mails, not to mention those read but not yet answered. Aaaand it's statistic day today, meaning I will have to spend a good hour on compiling that.
And since nobody's here, I have to do all the work alone... *sigh*

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