Wednesday, 26 December 2007


After I had received many books for my birthday, my family obviously thougth that that should be enough and didn't give me books for Christmas. My godfather and my godmother however did. :) I got Tintenherz and Tintenblut (that would be Inkheart and Inkspell for you). I will buy Tintentod (is there a translation for the third book yet?) as a late Christmas present to myself in the new year.

Together with the books my father (the His Dark Materials series) and my sister's boyfriend got, and those I'm currently still reading, I should be fine for the first... three months? ;)
Oh, and not to forget Jo's book, Spymaster's Lady, being released in January.

(I won't mention my other presents. Not because they are not worth mentioning, but because they might not be of much interest)

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