Saturday, 29 December 2007


I discovered Terragen sometime agaon on the internet while searching for world building tools.
I always do landscape descriptions better if I have an illustration before me. I already tried paintings by Hans-Werner Sahm (you'll find a lot more paintings if you google him).
They were good for inspiration, but after some time I wanted to have something... something that was... an image of my thoughts.

So, Terragen. You can practically change everything. The texture of the landscape, the height, how much water, how the sun rays come in, how much the water reflects them, the density and colour of clouds and so on and so on. Virtually everything.
Here are my very first (very rough) tries:

This is a bit how I imagine the Dragon Island to look like. Only the egg-like mountain-thing really is a vulcano

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Jenny said...

Just found this post (how did I miss it?).

WOW that program looks awesome. I'll have to play with it when I get home.